Close to the sea, with a breathtaking view

About Garden Cottage

Garden Cottage is where our visiting family and friends are staying. It is close to the reception area (our house). We started rental of this cottage last summer due to some double booking through The guests using the facilities were very enthusiastic about the cottage, and two gave 9.6 / 10 on As one said: "Where else can you sit in your sofa counting whales."

The Garden Cottage has 2 main rooms. One has a comfortable sitting group (the photo above) and a small kitchen corner, one a bedroom for 4 as well as a table for breakfast.The sofa in the livingroom may be used as a double bed, totaling the number of beds to 6. This may be ok for one or two nights, but we recommend the cottage for up to 4 guests.

The terrace outside is very secluded, and may prove a favourite when having breakfast on a sunny morning.

The sauna facilities are in the basement of the reception house 10 m away and include shower and wc.

It is possible to drive a normal car to the cottage.

See photos from the cottage an surroundings.

Garden Cottage will be available for rental May - October 2016. Booking so far direct with us.

Your price pr night  - SUMMER 2016 (May - October)
1/6/2016 - 31/8/2016:
Your stay: 1 night                        NOK 1200,- pr night
Your stay: 2 - 6 nights                 NOK 900,- pr night
Our Garden Cottage is available 1 - 6 nights for up to 4/6 persons from May to October. Not yet available on
Bedding (blankets/pillows, etc.) is included.
We need to know how many people you are. 
Cleaning upon leaving  NOK 100 - 400,-. 
May be done by the guest before leaving.
Call or send SMS to my mobil 0047 93258006 or send an email (which  wil alsoshow on my mobile).