Aurora is spectacular. This Autumn we have been able to see her almost every time there has been a "window" in the clouds. On October 20th. the activities were above normal. I started taking photos at 10 past 5 in the afternoon. It was starting getting dark, but still light enough getting around (in nature) without problem seeing where you should put your foot down. 

Most photos in this series were shot between 17:10 and 17:50. The last ones - about 25% -  were shot at around 21:30.

In this slideshow, none of the photos has been used twice, and they are presented in the way they were photographed. Very few were omitted.

I have used music for this presentation that I have not asked permission to use. Mantovani's Orchestra was one of my favorites in the 60thies. It's a great start of the show.

Leonard Cohen has been a favorite since the 80thies. I felt that his texts about life and death could go hand in hand with a collection on Northern Lights pictures. In the North the saying is that the Northern Light is the spirit of the souls that has not found a proper grave. 

I think the selected music suits the photos very well. I hope both those great musicians can appreciate that. However, if they don't, I'll remove the music.